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Natural treatment of Constipation

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Natural treatment has very good scope in the treatment of constipation. Natural medicines practitioners have repeatedly demonstrated that people who were prescribed constitutional remedies experienced significant relief from their constipation and overall improvement in their general health as well. Natural remedies gently bring the functionality of the bowels back to normal. This helps in regularization of bowel movements as well in the formation of stools of normal consistency. After starting natural treatment, most patients can reduce their dependence on laxatives, purgatives, cathartics, etc. successfully.

Natural remedies, being a holistic healing science, take into consideration not only the physical symptoms of the case but also the psychological aspects while prescribing for the patient. Thus, the patient’s habits, nature, behavior, etc. are all taken into account while prescribing. This helps to treat the problem from the roots rather than simply treating it symptomatically.

During Natural treatment, the cause of the constipation is also taken into account for arriving at the correct remedy. For example, a remedy called Nux Vomica can be given to Type A personalities having an ineffectual urge to pass stools due to irregular food and sleeping habits; indulgence in substance abuse (like tobacco) or alcoholism. Patients with no urge to pass stools at all would probably need the natural remedy Opium. Platina would be a good remedy for extremely conscious and high-profile women who control the urge to pass stools when travelling because they don’t like to use public toilets. Alumina is very useful for patients who developed constipation because of
eating food cooked in aluminum vessels for years together. Senna is a time tested remedy for obstinate constipation, especially in children.

A large number of people suffering from chronic constipation have been treated at Hashmi Dawakhana with good results. The best part about natural medicines is that they are non habit-forming. The importance of a proper, balanced diet and regular exercise cannot be over-emphasized when it comes to managing constipation. It is suggested that people suffering from constipation must opt for natural treatment at the earliest.