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Causes of Osteoarthritis

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‘Wear and tear’ is the standard for all things that are put to any sort of utilization. The same holds great
if there should arise an occurrence of joints as well. They work longer on the off chance that you take
great forethought of them, yet they do eventually appear some or alternate indications of being

Degeneration of the cartilage (the pad) between the bones (that structure a joint) is the essential driver
of osteoarthritis. As the degeneration advances, the cartilage may be totally lost prompting rubbing of
the bones amid the joint development. This prompts agony and the grinding sensation amid any

There might be various reasons why the cartilage wears off :
  1. As a piece of the maturing methodology
  2. Joint harm, dull trauma
  3. Hereditary
  4. Muscle shortcoming
  5. Being overweight (reasons expanded weight on weight bearing joints)
  6. Abnormality of the joint life structures (e.g. being pigeon-toed)
  7. Presence of Gout, rheumatoid joint pain, septic joint pain or some other malady that influences bones
    or joints
  8. Diabetes
  9. Growth hormone issue
  10. Inappropriate footwear (bringing about expanded and imbalanced weight on the knees)

In situations where there is a known cause that affected the issue, the condition is called Secondary
Osteoarthritis. Cases which have no referred to cause are termed as Primary Osteoarthritis.