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Vitiligo Diagnosis

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The look of Vitiligo is commonplace enough to diagnose it on the first look. Creams containing corticosteroids may also help in reducing the symptoms. If the cases of vitiligo are extensive chemicals may be used to remove pigment from remaining areas of the normal skin. Likewise, your restorative and family history will empower your doctor to verify his determination. Be that as it may, certain tests may be directed to affirm the condition and additionally to determine the reason if conceivable :

  • Biopsy of the influenced territory can affirm the conclusion of Vitiligo.
  • Blood tests may be carried out.
  • To check the thyroid capacities.
  • To search for the vicinity of hostile to atomic antibodies (that would point towards auto-resistant reason).
  • To discount vindictive iron deficiency.

Examination of the spots under Wood’s light could be utilized to diagnose and assess Vitiligo particularly when the progressions are not acknowledged with the bare eye. At Hashmi Dawakhana, we deductively assess each one instance of Vitiligo with Wood’s light and successfully utilize it for the accompanying :

  • To precisely diagnose Vitiligo.
  • To preclude parasitic contaminations.
  • To measure degree of the infection.
  • To distinguish early changes that are not unmistakable to exposed eyes.
  • To screen reaction to treatment.