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Quality Policy

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Quality Policy and Objectives

We are totally committed to quality of work & work force and in all the spheres i.e.

  • Product.
  • Production.
  • Promotion.
  • Personnel.

ISO Quality Policy – contribution of the above ensures Total Quality Management (TQM).

Therapeutic efficacy and quality is the most important feature of the Product, which helps to sustain products in market in long run, creating goodwill amongst users and a completely distinct brand image within medicine & associated fraternity.

What is quality policy

Our products are been manufactured under totally strict quality control with ensuring TQM as per provisions of Good Manufacturing Practice – GMP which likewise ensures production to ‘Zero defects’. R&D and Quality Control Lab are well equipped, employing best brains state of the art, keeping abreast with the latest technology in testing and standardizing various formulations and new products, development is in full thrust & operational supported by a fully dedicated & skilled team comprising of professionals.
Further, to confirm ‘Efficacy & Safety’, the products are timely tested rigorously at our quality control R&D lab.

Quality Management

Unani medicine procedures views life as a whole and today other alternate procedures & modern medicine now accepts this. Hashmi Dawakhana, through exclusive research, has been able to developed various herbo-mineral formulas that not only upright good health, delay ageing, tone up total health upgrading all body systems, restore & prevents and stops further decline of functions. Also they are non-toxic & totally safe. Research is an ongoing & never ending process and at Hashmi Dawakhana an utmost importance is laid emphasis to this subject developing various herbal & mineral combinations for the best effectiveness and safety.

Quality Policy of a Company

In support of our operation, it is the policy of this institution to provide prompt and effective healthcare systems and natural treatment services, which meet the affirmed needs of the patient, using capable staff members and brilliant infrastructure. We strive to be the organizer in our field by setting high goals for others to follow.
These are the points that we lay our prime focus on:

  • Total Quality Management
  • Procurement of Raw material
  • Production of Supplement
  • Staffing as the main quality policy
  • Supply of supplement
  • Maintaining details & records
  • Consumer interface and handling
  • Human Resource Development
  • Privacy Policy is quality policy for clients

All the above points are taken into consideration before the complete quality policy process is completed.

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