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Medicine For Multiple Problems The Sex

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Sex is the medicine of multiple problems. Sex brings happiness, enjoyment and makes partners close to each other. Sex develops various kinds of hormones that help in maintaining both beauty and health. The quantity of endorphin hormone increases during sex that is beneficial for beautiful, shiny and smooth skin. Estrogen hormone is a blessing to the body that offers amazing happiness. It increases desire, confidence, and confidence. Those who stay away from sex lives their life experience depression and stress. Sex is the beneficial thing to live fresh and happy always. Sex keeps heart diseases, mental worries, and depression and blood pressure problems away from the person. Those who ran away from sex often found indulged with these harmful diseases.

Sex is a kind of exercise. It doesn’t need the suit, shoes or any other item. Sex is that exercise that releases the strain from the muscles and makes it flexible again. One time sex is more beneficial than doing swimming for half an hour. Sex is beneficial that helps in getting rid of the fat belly. We spend our physical energy during sex that helps in burning extra fat. Around, 500 calorie energy burn during sex. If the wife will involve herself in sex happily then she will get rid of various muscle and joint pain. A headache, migraine, compression of veins, hysteria etc have a single solution that is sex. A sleep disorder can be solved successfully by involving yourself with your partner for sex. A regular period of intercourse in a woman’s life lowers the risk of harmful disorders and diseases. A midnight sex will keep you fresh and active always. Don’t keep sex limited to the physical contact.

Include gossips, touch, oral sex etc. Then, it will be a complete intercourse. Remember one thing in mind to keep your sexual life with your wife or husband only. It will increase your beauty and you will gain good health. Sexual life with your partner is beneficial similarly; relation with a bad character woman or a prostitute can increase your troubles in the form of sexual transmission diseases, mental worries, heart diseases, Gonorrhea, sleep disorder etc. If you are unable to achieve satisfaction or having sexual disorders then come to us.

Ideal length of intercourse :-

This is a question almost asked by every patient. They always asked about the ideal length of intercourse. Different specialists have their different opinions on this subject. Some say 3-4 minutes intercourse is good, while some say 15 minutes. According to us, an ideal intercourse is that in which both male and female achieves orgasm. It means both male and female achieve mental and physical happiness. When a male ejaculates before he and her wife achieve satisfaction then it affects the married life. The wife either will involve in a sexual relationship with other males to achieve satisfaction or will take divorce. In this case, you should take consultation from an expert. Take a permanent treatment and satisfy your woman. So, you can live happy married life.