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Childhood Mistakes, Murder of Young Age

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God has sent men on this earth to grow a new plant with the help of beautiful females. Man do a lot of hard work and face various problems every day, the role of sex is to offer rest and happiness to initiate the work on the next morning. Marriage can become hell without expert consultation and advice. We receive many letters and phone calls daily in which men wants to end their life due to sexual problems. Those who don’t end their life, they leave their homes and their wives involved in sexual relationship with others. Schools teach that “don’t use teeth to cut nails because harmful substances enter inside the stomach that cause diseases” but no one teaches that “bad thinking affects mentally and physically and it can turn into a serious trouble”. It gives serious results; the use of hands for ejaculation affects the functioning of the sexual organs. The sexual organ that gives maximum happiness in one’s life doesn’t work well and one fails to achieve that happiness in the life.